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Le patron s'éscuse de ne pas écrire des nouvelles: avec les évènements actuels il est aussi pris par son père qui est très souffrant à cause de térribles douleurs au dos. Il passe son temps à s'occuper de lui et n'a pas le temps d'écrire. Mais, il met en ligne un article en anglais d'un ami égyptien qui descend régulièrement aux manifestations. Le patron pense que ça reflète bien ce qui se passe aussi actuellemen en Egypte. Continuez à priez pour ce pays que vous aimez tous. Même si le patron, lui aussi, est térrorisé, de plus en plus, il espère que tout cela sera pour le mieux de son pays.

Voilà la lettre de son ami tirée de facebook:



Now, in the early hours of Friday, 4th of February. The day where Egyptians , sorry people who really care and truly love this country called the "Exodus" or "Farewell" Friday. (جمعة الرحيل). Now, in that small spot in the center of Cairo, called Tahrir Square; Liberation Square, thousands of people sit demanding one thing, CORRUPTION AND MALVERSATION OUT OF EGYPT.


We, they and myself, are not against one person and all what he did for this country. However, it is him, Pres. Hosny Mubarak who has been years in control as President making promises, oughts and declaring initiatives of change and reform, which sadly none of them achieved.


I hated this country since the first year, I came in. I hated everything that is here. I tried 3 times to leave with 2 failures and an almost 3rd time lucky, but aborted at the last steps. Luckily, the will to live and exist made me bear all of that till the point I say: "e ditto/ 5alas, I am not in Egypt anymore". So as my papers say, I am an Egyptian living in Egypt and have to deal with that. Slowly, I became neutral and  have a sense of belonging to the place where I live.


I learned to express myself since I was young, even if it was trouble. Yet learned from my parents though to keep out of trouble, to swallow it, if I face the system.

I didn't want to learn that and kept saying to their cliche: "Stay next to the wall", (خليك جمب الحيط). I would reply back: "Tomorrow, it would fall on your heads", (بكره تقع الحيطة على راسكم).


I went to the streets and participated. I wouldn't say I wasn't afraid, anxious, excited, happy or sad. I was all of that, confused but did understand what I was doing and its consequences. I was afraid at moments and stayed with my brother, seeking some family bond or staying in a dark room trying to sleep. But then, I would recharge my courage points and go again on the streets.


No one I have seen in the past 6 days protesting, looting or vandalizing properties. Yes, they existed and no one could deny that but most of the masses were peaceful, crying for change. Not only for them but for each and every Egyptian.


People I know are 2 sides. Ones from abroad not subjected to our" HONORABLE TRANSPARENT AND JUST" Egyptian media and totally supportive for what Egyptians on the street are doing.


Unfortunately, the other side is many of my Egyptian friends and family members, who after being still and passive for almost 30 years "next to the wall" with spider webs on their hands, legs, mouths and even their minds. Some got over it and started to see a glimpse of light, but were to be seen confronted with the Egyptian media which have been in a very conscious way filtering facts and changing tactics as directed from the Regime.

In the eyes of the Egyptian media, I am a vandal, an alien paid from our or their Enemy, I always wonder who is the real enemy, so the conspiracy theory spectacularly appearing with every failure of the system. I wonder, how people, my people, believe what they hear and not what they feel or see day and night and have seen in their faces for 30 years now. I don't really know how people would believe a professor or a scientist in London, Football players or actors and actresses, who act rather than the loud voices coming from the streets and their subconscious minds.


I want to note to something, President Mubarak before the previous elections stated that he is not running for Presidency anymore. Yet, he did in 2005. In the same year, he talked about Democracy and Fair elections, which many of you, my Egyptian patriotic friends, condemning The people in Tahrir, did not participate in. In the Egyptian Media, the most common words in 2005 and 2007 were "Democracy" and "Reform" respectively. Did anything reach the ground now??? Yet, you keep drugged with the believe that He has heard us and will make a change.


I beg you all to look at the videos on how Egyptians were treated. How cheap and worthless their blood is? It is your blood too, lest not the blood of a human being.


Moreover, I am shocked at the reaction of religious figures who should fight injustice in all its colours. How these people on the Day of Judgment look at GOD and say we preached Your Commandments and our people followed. Reverend Christian priests before the events said in services that a good Christian does not revolt and stays at home. Don't you know my Egyptian Christian Brothers how you fled with your Religion to the harsh barren desert and resisted the Pagan Romans??? My Muslim Brothers, don't you remember the call of Bilal: "Ahadun, Ahad". When we fought the Moguls and the Crusaders. The Hadith of the Prophet (Peace be Upon him): He, whoever, sees something wrong should change it with his hands. If not, then my his tongue (voice). If not, then by his heart (his believes) and this is the least of faith. How could the Shaikh of Al-Azhar step up and say that these people should go and then come up with the crap of Fetna? Doesn't he have the courage of the old Egyptian woman, who stood up in the face of Omar (Peace upon him) and say you have made a mistake. Or is it is the past heydays.


Last not least, let me remind you of 2 things. how we revolted against the British, when they were here? Why we did so? It was not because they were foreigners. The royal Egyptian Family was, the Mamluks and most of the Muslim governors were, the Romans were, but because they were unjust and corrupt, just as like them now. About King Farouk, the last king of Egypt, who stepped down without a single drop of "CHEAP" Egyptian blood shed. How many more corpses should be offered till the Pharaoh leave the throne.


You, me and everyone out there using this website, as we are called "the generation of the Facebook". I really hope that you all were not only using your fingers tapping on your keyboard to express yourself. If you were against injustice and didn't protest on Friday,28/1, or Tuesday, 1/2, why didn't you? Isn't this your land too??


For those voices supporting Pres. Mubarak and the humiliating security, he offers. Why didn't you join the neo-crowds and tell us that more of you exists and see how other fellow Mubarak amid lovers reacted. Not just sitting there and criticizing everything.


I am deeply sad and would leave you to finish these lines with your thoughts and souls.

GOD preserves! ربنا يستر النهارده!

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<br /> Très beau témoignage mon ami. Courage. Bonne journée<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Très beau témoignage, très juste, Nouga !<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> You are 100% right. I live in Australia & we are worried about what's happening in Egypt, We feel sorry for all of you. We are praying for you our brothers & sisters.<br /> God Bless you all.<br /> <br /> <br />